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10 ways to shop more sustainably this Earth Day

earth day how to be more sustainable when shopping

Sustainable, stylish & unique - shopping vintage clothing is one of the best ways to show our precious Earth some love.

Earth Day was born in the 1970s and it's celebrated all around the world. A reminder for us to be more considerate, pollute less, conserve more, reuse more & make ourselves heard.

Now more than 190 countries participate in this huge environmental movement and it's recognised as the largest secular obseervence in the world*

Here are 10 simple things you can do this Earth day (and every day) to shop more sustainably.

  1. Take reusable, plastic-free bags when you go shopping
  2. Shop Vintage & Thrift rather than fast fashion
  3. Swap clothes with friends rather than buy new
  4. Donate unused items
  5. Research - find out where your fave shops manufacture, what their eco statements and sustainability commitments are.
  6. Invest in higher quality items that will last longer
  7. Wash your clothes less & on a cooler wash
  8. Prioritise clothes made ethically, from sustainable fabrics and processes
  9. Buy less and consider for longer. Sleep on it. If you've forgotten about it the next day, maybe you don't really want it.
  10. Air-dry your clothes rather than tumble-drying them

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