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What to look for when buying retro clothing - 6 top tips

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This is a little go-to guide for the beginners out there who are thinking about investing in vintage clothing, or maybe just those who like vintage style and are just breaking into the vintage market for the first time. Whatever it is, this is the guide for you. We are going to run through a dos and don’ts list of things to look for and think about when buying retro clothing.

Here's our list of six dos and don'ts when buying vintage and retro clothing

  1. Don't get seduced by the label

  2. Don't take the sizing at face value

  3. Don't be afraid to try the really ugly stuff

  4. Do check for quality

  5. Do mix old and new

  6. Do visit lots of vintage shops


We will start with the DON’Ts:

DON’T get seduced by the label!

This is an easy place to start, we have all fallen into the trap of seeing an item by a brand you love, or something you know is worth a lot. A designer piece in a charity shop or somewhere similar. But you bring it home, try it on and it just looks awful. It doesn’t fit, it’s wrong for your body type, it’s falling apart. If you do stumble upon an awesome piece of clothing that doesn’t fall into those categories, obviously, go ahead! Just be warned, look at the actual piece of clothing first and decide if its actually right for you!

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DON’T take the sizing at face-value

Vintage sizing is all over the place, so look at the actual size of the garment before deciding it is the wrong size just by reading the label. Then make sure you try before you buy!


DON’T be afraid to try on the really ugly stuff

You never know, you might strike gold with a pattern so ugly it actually works. Also, you never know when something is going to fit you better than you expected. It’s impossible to know before you try. Sure, it might be a plain brown dress, but it fits so well you only need to jazz it up with some funky accessories to make it a killer outfit!

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And the DOs:

DO check for quality

Above all else, when buying vintage you should be checking for high quality, well-made garments. If it’s not built to last it’s not vintage, and it certainly isn’t worth your money.

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DO mix old and new

There’s no harm in buying one awesome statement vintage piece and accessorising with modern garments or accessories. In fact, sometimes it’s better to base your outfit around one dramatic, centre stage piece of clothing.


DO visit lots of stores

Every vintage store is different, you never know when you are going to find the perfect item of clothing. It takes time. We recommend visiting your favourite vintage shops (us obviously) regularly as there is a constant flow of garments coming into stock, providing new assortments of vintage treasures.


We hope this helps! Happy vintage hunting.

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