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Everything you need to know about vintage Hawaiian shirts

First made in 1930s Hawaii, the Hawaiian or ‘aloha’ shirt is a super popular trend that can be seen in all corners of the fashion industry. As such an essential part of summer and party fashion, the Hawaiian shirt has always been an invaluable item of clothing to own. Of course, having been around for near 100 years, there are plenty of awesome Hawaiian shirts to get your hands on within the vintage market. 

What is really great is that the Hawaiian shirt is so versatile, and useful for so many different outfits and styles. There are some seriously amazing novelty items out there featuring full-on tacky sunset landscapes - perfect for a party. But also some really tasteful beautiful patterns, some smart enough for work even. Even when not buying a short sleeved summery style shirt, we can see the influence of the often floral or palm leaf patterns on smarter, more work appropriate items! 

We had to shoehorn in a couple of celebs rocking the awesome vintage Hawaiian shirt trend, just to prove that this is a fashion trend that is going nowhere.

classic hawaiian shirt
Harry Styles vintage Hawaiian shirt style
Vintage Hawaiian shirt fashion

To give a little bit of background: the shirts were actually first made in Hawaii with Japanese yukata cloth. Yukatas are summer kimonos, often plain white or indigo, worn in casual settings and to the bathhouses. The popular aloha Friday tradition, where workers are encouraged to wear Hawaiian shirt, needs no explanation except to say of course the shirts lead a movement too! Aloha Fridays lead onto the ‘casual Friday’ dress code, popular in a lot of workplaces.


Our collection of Vintage Hawaiian shirts has something for everyone, and we hope you find the perfect one for you! It's pretty clear this funky immortal trend is an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.

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