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How to gift sustainably this Christmas

how to gift sustainably

Christmas is GREAT! Time off work and studying, getting together with friends and family, all the good foooood and presents galore ūüéĀ.

But Christmas can be a not so great time for our precious planet. According to GWP Group, each year the UK spends a total of £700 million on unwanted presents! As such, approximately £42 million of unwanted Christmas presents are thrown out in landfill each year. On top of this, there's the packaging, food waste... and don't even get us started on those cracker toys!

Buying second-hand and reworked is one simple way we can all work towards a more sustainable future for our planet this holiday season. By gifting and wearing vintage, you are contributing to a more circular economy; Reducing waste, lowering the carbon footprint of manufacturing and helping to make sustainable fashion the norm.

We've pulled together 10 easy ways to gift sustainably this year. 

10 ways to gift sustainably this Christmas 

  1. Buy a service instead of a product: Treat your loved one to a spa day, trip to the salon or a well-deserved sports massage. Zero waste involved, 100% gratitude received!
  2. Why not wrap your presents in a gorgeous vintage scarf instead of wrapping paper?
  3. Create memories with a gift experience, rather than a disposable present: You could go for lunch together, take a trip to a gallery or theme park, or gift that hot air balloon ride they've always wanted.
  4. Grow a gift: Plants and flowers are always welcome. Why not gift a house plant, garden plant or even flower box subscription if they're not known for their green fingers?
  5. Hand something down: That piece of jewellery or designer scarf of yours they've been coveting for years. Box it up and pass it on. 
  6. Buy vintage or pre-owned:¬†Vintage clothing is unique, stylish and sustainable. The perfect gift for a friend and the planet ūüĆ鬆 Shop from a vintage store like Loot or try Etsy and Ebay for specific or hand-made items.
  7. Gift a charity donation or good cause subscription: If there's a cause your loved one is passionate about, make a donation instead of buying a gift. Or for younger children, try virtually adopting an animal in distress or at risk of extinction. 
  8. Use a reusable tote bag instead of gift box.
  9. Treat their ears with an audiobook or music subscription. 
  10. Make edible gifts: Easy as pie and guaranteed to be appreciated, gift homemade brownies, gingerbread men, mince pies, cakes or biscuits. Deliver in a pretty reusable tin or paper bag to keep waste to a minimum.

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*GWP Group research November 2021