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How to have a Sustainable Halloween

sustainable halloween ideas

Shopping vintage Halloween clothing is a great way to stay sustainable and do your bit for Planet Earth ūüĆ欆.

Whether you are dressing the part in spooooky clothing, or going for a theme like 70s, 80s or the 118 man, there are plenty of options available in the world of vintage clothing. 

We've pulled together our top tips and ideas for a spooktacular (we couldn't help ourselves), sustainable Halloween.


What to wear - vintage Halloween clothing

There are a few really easy options for Halloween if you want to wear vintage clothing:

Standard spooky clothing.

Shop vintage black clothing. Look for vintage lace, vintage black suits and shirts, black silk blouses, black dresses and shoes and add face paint or headwear to bring the outfit to life.

Vintage Halloween bride or prom queen

halloween prom dress costume

Shop for a vintage bridal gown or prom dress and use red paint or costume blood to adorn it with blood spills, stains and general icky-ness.

70s Halloween costume

70s costume ideas

Go for a 70s shirt with big collar in a classic 70s shade or pattern. Add a pair of flared trousers and platform shoes and you are ready! Alternatively, nab yourself a gorgeous 70s vintage dress and keep it in the wardrobe for the next event, or that summer festival you've been looking forward to all winter!

80s Halloween costume

80s costume ideas

Take inspo an 80s movie. Think Marty McFly, Beetlejuice, The Goonies or Top Gun and hunt on your fave vintage clothing sites and shops for the perfect pieces.

Look out for bright colours (neons all the way!), 80s t-shirts, outlandish suits and shirts or head over to the vintage military collection to find your Platoon costume.

The great thing is, you can keep the sustainability going by wearing it again for another fancy dress or Halloween party, pass to a friend, sell via a marketplace like Ebay or donate to charity to keep the fashion circular.

Of course, we've got you covered, right through from the 60s to the 90s and 00s so have a browse through our site. Or head straight to our vintage Halloween edit for quick and easy outfit ideas. 


Five top tips for a sustainable Halloween

  1. Shop vintage or second hand for your outfit & make sure you recycle or pass it on when you're done with it.

  2. Think about a costume swap. Can't decide what to wear? Twenty quid says at least one of your friends will have a brilliant costume in the back of their wardrobe they'll be happy to pass on to you.

  3. Decorate with natural props. Having a party? Rather than opting for plastic and synthetic props, go natural. Buy pumpkins, head outside and grab autumn leaves, use metal cans and empty milk jugs as lanterns and don't forget the classic white sheet hanging in the corner. Boo!

  4. Make your own treats and save on packaging. Make a tray of beastly brownies and hand them out in napkins or grease-proof paper, rather than adding to the mountains of litter created by chocolate and sweet treats each year.

  5. Avoid plastic party-wear. Disposable cups, plastic straws and plastic cutlery are bad news for our delicate planet. Use paper or reusable crockery and keep the single-use plastic to a minimum.

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