Mr Gallo, LOOT Will See You Now...

Mr Gallo, LOOT Will See You Now...

So let us ask you a question!!

If you are, or could be a creativity individual, and you could design your own creative career, expressive journey or life's work through self discovery. Does it get any better than this??


* The mid 70's - As a sixteen year old boy you move to New York City and become the bass player in a band called Gray with Jean- Michel Basquiat (who we will absolutely be coming back to in another piece) You play your shows at iconic venues including CBGB's and the Mudd Club.

- In the 80's you establish yourself as a successful contemporary artist through paint and secure numerous exhibitions in NYC California, Philadelphia, Switzerland and Greece. You also start experimenting with film, making a couple of shorts with the aforementioned JMB.

- The 90's doesn't start off too badly with you landing a part, all be it a small one in Scorsese's Goodfellas!! You bag a worldwide ad campaign for Calvin Klein and let's not forget writing,

directing, staring in, as well as composing the soundtrack to probably your greatest work, and without a doubt one of OUR favourite films of all time, Buffalo 66!

- Arrival of the 00's and you sign a record deal with WARP records, still indulging in your huge passion for music, and enjoying the privilege of releasing it to the world. Jay Z is on the phone asking if you'll be in the video for 99 Problems and of course, your eagerly awaited follow up to your writing and directing debut, The Brown Bunny.

- Present decade! Tens, Teens, Twenty Tens, the whatever's!! By now you are six years off 60 by the way, just to give you a heads up! Not that it matters because you have already done an international modelling campaign for G-Star and H&M so clearly you are still the shiz! Still acting, still modelling, still painting, still writing, still recording, still being the one and only VINCENT GALLO!

What a journey, what a ride, what a talent. A multi faceted artist to say the least.

Do let us know your own perfect creative career decade by decade. Here at LOOT we love to hear your inspiration, drive, and passions.

And we also urge you to check out Vincent's work. The films, music and the art. Here is a great interview where he attends a British film review show wearing an ironic USA tracksuit, and as always isn't backwards at coming forwards. Well we said he was talented, we never said he was easy to get on with. Enjoy!!


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