Transformation of the trackie

From legendary sports teams to streetwise chav culture, to those who just like to chill the hell out in an unmissable velour two piece, theres been a fair few of us who have embraced the tracksuit in our time. It's taken yet another transformation in the hands of our Loot Label team, could it be your time to take on the track?

Fit for purpose, our sporting combo of practical jackets and matching trousers first came about in the 1960s. Pre-sport, post-match and during exercise were all the correct time to be showing off your winning outfit. As the 70s approached, the 'casual athletic' look became a popular conversation starter,  a useful way to be seen as taking a break from your gruelling physical activities without actually lifting a finger. Also great for dropping your pad's tennis court into discussion with ease.

60's tracksuits

Royal Tanenbaums

With snazzy fabrics becoming lighter, brighter, and easier to produce, our treasured two piece says hello to the mainstream. Of course it's the 80s; garish shell suits were the height of fashion, more 'en vogue' than on your marks. With that said, Olympians could sweat it out in their high-tech, breathable attire, while wet weather was unable to dampen the athletes, or their spirits (presumably overjoyed with their freebie jackets).

USA Dream Team Tracksuits

Racing on into the 90s, playing practical stayed er, popper-ular. Remember those Kappa bottoms? Just in case you need to flash some thigh without getting your arse out.

It too, became essential to look as absolutely badass when out on the streets, while acting like you weren't all that bothered about it. Here, we welcome the chav aesthetic into everyday dressing.

Baggy? Good. Branded? Good. Costing big bucks? Good. (Or at least a mint knockoff from the Monday morning market)


The 00s hit and things start to get a bit silly. Why? It's the new millennium and everyone's gone velour mad, or really just a little bit more mental in general.

From big shot Britters and her choice of bridesmaid outfits, to pre-yeezy Kim, the latest style of tracksuit became synonymous to ladies of leisure. That's right, if you wanna give the impression of having extreme wealth and oodles of time make money doing nothing, do it with diamonté, darling.

Britney Spears Tracksuit

Kim Kardashian Tracksuit

It's ok though, the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie didn't ruin things completely during their hay day as it-girls on the simple life. Despite their matchy matchy outfits, our tracksuit powers on. The decade of now see's the sports co-ord as more covetable than ever. It's made a run for it, off the track, onto the stage and even the high street; aided by stars of pop culture rather than gold medal winners. Things may have been quiet for a while, but now we're looking at yet another comeback.

 Ivy Park Tracksuit - Beyonce

FKA-Twigs tracksuit

So, more versatile than ever, how will you wear yours? If catwalk cool is a bit too costly and street style proving a bore, we've got an affordable solution to approach the revival without looking like everyone else...

Catwalk Tracksuits

Reworking one off vintage sportswear, our Loot Label team have been busy breathing life into those outdated outfits from decades ago. With every piece unique, our exclusive range is not to be missed. Available now online and in-store.

Lootxadidas   adidas top  

Ready, set, LOOT.



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