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Vintage band t-shirts

The humble band tee. We’ve all seen them, we all want one. Whether it is the band you adore or you’re just in it for the graphics; they’re trendy, cool, COMFY and collectible.

Led Zeppelin vintage band t-shirt

We have an awesome collection of vintage band t-shirts on our website which you can go and check out, but first a bit of history. T-shirts themselves didn’t really become popular until the 1950s and 60s, when they were popularised as an everyday item of clothing as opposed to undergarments.

1977 Aerosmith band t-shirt

Apparently, Elvis Presley was one of the first musicians who had t-shirts printed and sold with his face/brand on (by fans originally), but this sparked a trend quickly adopted by many of the big bands of the time. Merch contributes a considerable amount to a musician’s income, so you can see why many artists would have quickly jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak.

Vintage Queen Band T-shirt

It’s not surprising how popular the t-shirts became, here was a way to showcase the band you loved, immediately single yourself out as part of a group who liked the same things, and more than anything, have a great piece of memorabilia! The value of some of these t-shirts nowadays is astounding, one tee from the Led Zepplin Knebworth gig went for $10,000 dollars in 2011. If nothing else, a band tee could be a great investment.

Vintage Iron Maiden band t-shirt

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