Why Vintage Style Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Vintage Style Will Never Go Out of Fashion...

When we shop vintage we are increasing our chances of finding something completely unique, an item that goes against the masses. Maybe it’s a tee or two piece that compliments current trends or maybe it breaks them. Fashion is cyclical so you are likely to find an item from way back that is being replicated now; you could snap up that original 90s windbreaker instead of the mainstream copy. But there is something more to the benefits of vintage clothing that tends to be overlooked and that is the recycled element. 

You may have noticed when visiting high street clothing giants like Primark that ‘last season’ seems to have been replaced by ‘last week’ with shops rushing to update their shelves. We’ve entered an era of ‘fast fashion’ with clothes being produced using low quality, cheap materials in order to cope with the increasing supply and demand. The materials used means they will wear out sooner and we don‘t feel as guilty to throw them out. That limited cost of clothes is resulting in some of us simply throwing away the ‘old’ ones and purchasing new ones, sometimes even after being worn just once! The UK purchases 2.15 million tonnes of new clothing and shoes each year to then throw away 900,000 items. Across the world a massive 7.5 billion items are thrown out. That’s a hell of a lot of shirts!

Any guesses on where these garms are ending up once they’ve passed their sell by date? In the UK alone around one million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill each year, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, as consumers discard last season’s trends and retailers get rid of leftover stock. This ‘throwaway culture’ also means that textile waste at local tips now accounts for 30% of waste when only 8 years ago it was 7%. The picture at the top shows only a small amount of the textile waste at a recycling centre in Bristol.

We need to break this disposability mould and what better way than with our vintage clothing?  It is not just a passing trend it is a concrete look that is here to stay and, manufactured when people purchased clothes to be durable has meant they have stood the test of time, with a quality that is incomparable to the synthetic fabrics you can pick up for the same price now. Owning something individual that has history and may even contribute to saving the planet over something that will last two minutes and might get you caught up in one of those awkward same dress scenarios is surely a no brainer. So, stand up stand out and wear vintage!

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