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Why you should invest in vintage denim

vintage tommy hilfiger denim

As some of our other posts cover, investing in vintage clothing can be a really fruitful and satisfying endeavour - if you have the time and patience for it. There are several reasons you should invest in vintage denim in particular, whether you are buying to wear, or to keep.


Vintage denim is high quality

Vintage denim is defined by its age and quality, so if you are on the fence between a pair of jeans from the high street or a second hand/vintage shop, we can help you decide.

If you are one of the people reading this who wants to buy their denim for wearing, be aware you will notice that real vintage denim is always of a high quality but often quite stiff.

Proper denim is like leather boots, it needs breaking in. Once you find a pair that fit, but perhaps feel a little stiff or inflexible, be ready to spend some time making sure they mould to your body. If you put in the effort you won’t regret it, they’ll soon be your comfiest pair. Remember we said they were high quality? This is why they are such a great investment, vintage denim could cost more, but it will last a long time. Originally denim was made to be workwear, so it’s supposed to last some serious wear and tear.

High quality vintage denim


Vintage denim will always be in style

On top of this, if you are buying denim to wear and also increase in value, make sure you look after it. Denim shouldn’t be washed too often! The best thing about choosing denim over other items of vintage clothing to invest in is that it will never go out of fashion and tends to be a bit more hardwearing, which makes it a very wise investment if you are in the game to make money.

vintage denim jeans

If that is your aim, or if you’re just interested in finding valuable/collectible items, then make sure you spend some time doing research into how to choose your denim wisely. There are lots of guides on brands like vintage Levi’s in particular that go into great detail over how to ascertain what era or year the garments have been made, and the meaning of each label and tab. This is really useful if you know what you are looking for, in terms of age and value.

Not only is this a good investment as denim is an indestructible staple of fashion; if you know what you are looking for, and are keen to spend time combing through car boots, charity shops and jumble sales then you can be one step ahead.

sustainable vintage denim

Vintage denim is good for the planet

Not only does buying vintage help with the fight against fast fashion, it preserves an individual sense of style; vintage denim has character that stands out. Each piece is unique.

vintage denim overalls

So, there are many reasons to invest in vintage denim, whether its for personal use or personal gain, you can head over to our vintage denim page now or check out our reworked vintage denim clothing to see how we breathe new life into old denim.

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