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Harvey Causon is a Bristol based musician who is turning heads with his take on contemporary R&B laced with percussive electronica and powerful vocals. Harvey was brought up with a 40s/50s influence from his parents, which is reflected in his music and style.

1940’s men’s fashion was unique in that the patterns, stylistic details and cut of the clothes demonstrated one’s patriotic support. From Zoot Suits to baggy legs, bright colours and long jackets, the 40s brought about deviation from the fashion norms. Following on into the 50s, the Teddy Boys who reintroduced style from the 1900s with two piece suits and a patterned tie or pocket square to complete a look.

There was also a shift towards a nerdy fashion trend in the 1950s with horn rim glasses, high waisted trousers and pocket protectors. Harvey’s go to outfit would be a two piece suit accompanied with a turtleneck and complete with a black leather jacket. In this collection, you’ll find pieces that reflect Harvey’s style, as well as vintage pieces to create looks inspired by 1940s/1950s mens fashion.

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