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Jodie is the vocalist in Bristol based alternative rock band, Iota. Her style is heavily inspired by 70s fashion. The year 1970 was a year with no predominant look. It was a bit of everything for anyone who had an opinion about fashion but it was also the start of the future punk aesthetic. "The counter-movement was a backlash against the etherealness established by the late sixties’ Summer of Love ethos – all waves, flares, drapes, peace and love. In its place came super tight jeans, leather jackets, ripped tees, sweat and anger."

Jodie's style is a true reflection of 70s fashion in that, her style is often tweaked depending on the occasion. You'll catch her on stage in a sparkly, flared two piece and down the pub in a pair of chunky Dr. Martens, a tartan mini skirt complete with a band tee and an oversized, statement jacket. In this collection, you’ll find more attitude than labels. Think plenty of checks, sharp lines, grunge and heavy metal, all combatting convention.

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