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Women's Vintage Calvin Klein

Founded in 1968 in NYC, Vintage Calvin Klein is still as collectable and classic as ever. Shop hand-picked vintage Calvin Klein for women from the 80s through to the 00s. Whether you're looking for smart Calvin Klein or Calvin Denim, this classic American look stands the test of time.

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Women's Calvin Klein Vintage Clothing

Shop vintage Calvin Klein clothing for women, vintage Calvin Klein jackets and skirts, vintage Calvin T-Shirts and tops, as well as vintage Kalvin Clein dresses and coats from Loot Vintage Online.

Calvin Klein Vintage for Women

Shop vintage Calvin for Women from the 70s through to the 00s. From classic Calvin Klein tailoring to retro Calvin Klein 90s and 00s sportswear and jackets. Help slow the speed of fast fashion by shopping vintage and reworked from Loot.