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Rising: Keir

The Louisiana, Bristol

25 April


It’s a Wednesday night at The Louisiana – one of Bristol’s most iconic venues and it is full capacity. Seen as a barometer for new bands, The Louisiana has witnessed many talented musicians come and go through its doors over the last 25 years; bands like The Scissor Sisters, Florence and the Machine, The Chemical Brothers etc. who all played some of their very first gigs in this humble sized residence. Tonight, they’re hosting 24-year-old singer-songwriter, Keir and his meticulously matched four-piece band – the drummer of which is Keir’s younger brother.

Having been greeted at the merch stand by the singers Dad, it seemed adequate that this sold-out show and the last performance of Keir’s first solo tour, would be held here, in the city he resides and writes music in. The room was intensely packed with a doting crowd of fans who were immediately captured in an intimate setting. Who knew all it would take to make them go wild was the charming presence of Keir to emerge from the rouge-velvet curtain and open with an instinctive performance to his hit track ‘Probably’. Keir commanded the stage with his energetic presence and this in turn, infectiously filled the room with a burning admiration - so much so that fans began confessing their love for him – “you’re so beautiful” was screamed from the right side of the stage. It was almost as if the artist had cast a spell on the crowd with his elusive charm.

Showcasing his visceral vocal talent with ‘Night and Day’, yet another slice of dreamy pop rock, Keir took the crowd through waves of personal emotions. Delivering a Prince-like aura and holding vocals similar to Freddie Mercury, he painted a picture with his ferocious voice and his band’s electrifying performance proved faultless throughout the set. These talents, accompanied with humble groundings - shown tonight by devoting the song ‘Mother’ to his Mum and politely thanking the audience with such gratitude after each song – is simply refreshing to watch.

Ending with his standout debut track ‘Squeeze Me’, which saw the musician reach number eight in the Spotify Viral Chart, the evening drew to a distinctive close. Keir’s natural flair for the stage was almost as impressive as him disappearing from it - somewhere between the last elevated note and the lights cutting out – leaving the crowd dazzled in a state of euphoria. The impact is in his evocative demeanor and the sense that Keir’s emotive influences come from somewhere untameable. Keep your eyes peeled for future tour dates; Keir is unquestionably one to watch.


* You can catch Keir at The Camden Assembly, London. Tickets can be purchased here:

* Words and Photography: Dionne Myrianthous