Our Story

It was 2012

She was laying the foundations in the first Cow Vintage store in Digbeth, Birmingham. He was running around America with his band Pint Shot Riot. She is called Lou and he is called Rocket. He had bought the clothing store in Coventry that he worked in when his band got signed. It was called Hannigans. She had always dreamed of having her own store one day. He watched The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson and bought a 1970’s US Navy Peacoat. She liked the coat and his smile. He liked her energy and her leather jacket. They swapped numbers. The date went well, he talked ALOT. She said she would like to see the world, he said he’d like to show her the world. They saw some of the world. Then they opened the first Loot store in Leamington Spa to check if it was possible.  

It was.

They decided to be brave and choose a city next. He used to demo at Massive Attacks studio in Bristol. They chose Bristol. The location was the Iconic Bear Pit roundabout. It was a building site for 2 months. They slept in it. Then opened it. People liked it. 6 years of mistakes and failures passed, as everything does, eventually. 10 years of IVF and along came their first son Jude. The pandemic hit hard and they lost their daughter. The pain was real. So was the resolve to keep going. Lou went on bed rest for 6 months and their second son Sonny was born. They felt the need to bring Loot to more like minded humans. So they went in search. They found some. By opening in Covent Garden, London, Park St, Bristol. And Spitalfields, London. Covent Garden didn’t work. So they swapped it for Notting Hill. That did.

They now have four stores and two sons

They and the Loot tribe believe in sustainability.

They are adventurous. Inclusive. Passionate. Ever evolving.

They love a challenge. They work hard. They think harder.

They create something where there is nothing.

They are obsessed with the individual and how we are all beautifully different. They love change and growth.

They vibrate at the thought of fresh movements and youth culture.

They know it allows new generations to be able to punch through the ceiling of conventionality.

They know this inspires NEW and BETTER WAYS to be.
To love. To thrive!
They are...