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Thirsty Denim - how to make Jeans more sustainable

We all love a good pair of jeans but how sustainable are our go to trousers?  A single pair of jeans takes over 3781 litres of water to produce, thats about the amount of water you drink in 5-6 years. Our reworked denim takes 0!

Shopping vintage is a great way to extend the life of jeans and has a huge environmental impact. Wearing a pair of jeans for an extra 9 months would reduce carbon waste and water footprints by around 20- 30% each. 

What about damaged denim? At Loot rework we have no time for waste so we rescue every fibre and give it a 2nd life. Our Denim patchwork sweats are made from recused damaged Levi's denim. 

Heres a sneak peek at the process