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Ultimate Retro T-Shirts

The Best Retro T-Shirts from Loot Vintage

The t-shirt: a vessel of change and protest. Only first considered more than an undergarment in the 1950s, popularised by celebrities such as Marlon Brando, iconic in his clean white shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire.

As bright colours became more fashionable during the 1960s, and tie dye became popular, the t-shirt became a staple of everyday fashion. They were the perfect garment to carry logos, band imagery, promotional material; it's no wonder they became such an integral part of the modern wardrobe.

Here we have some of our absolute favourite retro-style t-shirts from around the globe:

The Smiths Vintage T-Shirt
The Smiths Retro T-shirt
Star Wars Vintage T-Shirt
Star Wars 80s Ringer T-Shirt
Better Daze Ahead Vintage T-Shirt
Better Daze Ahead Retro T-shirt
The Rolling Stones Collectible Vintage T-Shirt
The Rolling Stones Retro Band Tee
Collectible Vintage T-Shirts
Nasa Vintage T-Shirt
Born a Rocker, Die a Rocker Vintage T-Shirt
Tie Dye Retro T-shirt
Graphic Retro Tees
Tom & Jerry Disney Vintage Ringer T-Shirt


And here are a couple of our favourite retro tees, available from our online store. Hurry before someone else snaps 'em up! 

1990s Men's retro South Bark Graphic T-Shirt - Blue XL

1990s Retro South Bark Graphic T-Shirt - Blue XL


1990s Men's Monty Python Graphic T-Shirt - Green XL

1990s Monty Python Retro Graphic T-Shirt - Green XL


2000s Men's Tie-Dye Graphic T-Shirt - Grey L

2000s Retro Tie-Dye Graphic T-Shirt - Grey L


2000s Retro Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Band T-Shirt - Grey XL


1990s Retro Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Multi M


1990s Women's Retro Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Yellow L

1990s Women's Retro Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Yellow L


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