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About Loot

      Loot was born from a hunger to re-live the 'good' of eras that came before us, and substitute the 'bad' of today's throwaway fashion. Sustainability is more important than ever, and sustainable clothing is the future... and the past. Clothes that have been well-made and looked after - one-off finds that have lived a lifetime before you throw it on.



      • It's vintage because it's lasted. The quality of yesterday's clothing is heads above the throwaway goods of today's fast fashion. Proven.
      • The pieces are 'one offs' - you wont see anyone else in the same clobber, so you can own your style and avoid following the crowd. 
      • We're 're-cycling' clothing - that means fewer things going to landfill. Mother Nature approves. 
      • We're not supporting sweatshops, child labour, or unethical manufacture.
      • What goes around comes around - nostalgia is at its peak and we all love a bit of a throwback.
      Our exclusive range of vintage is hand selected from around the world. With over 15 years in fashion and vintage, our Loot team have accumulated more than a little know-how when it comes to tracking down one-off finds...sourced from the most stylish cities in Europe, across the pond in the US, and even iconic pieces from right here in the UK.